MOVE (Mobile Outreach VEhicle ): Technology for Disaster relief, where and when needed

MOVE is an IEEE International Program, tailored for India

Natural disasters disrupt the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Restoring electricity and communications is of primary importance for those impacted and, often more critically, for the front-line workers braving the odds. This enables medical facilities, information flow, access to critical online services and more to expedite a return to normalcy.


MOVE is an award-winning program from IEEE that has completed five successful years in the USA. Battle tested in over 20 hurricanes, floods and wildfires MOVE has delivered relief where it is most needed. Even more importantly, with a set up time of just 15 minutes and an ability to operate 24×7 for days at a time, the MOVE truck can be available rapidly and for extended durations.

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MOVE is foremost an Emergency Relief Program

The MOVE program is designing a custom vehicle that is self-contained and can deliver electricity and communication services rapidly. The first few days after a natural disaster pose the greatest need for such services and MOVE will enable front-line workers to assist the victims better.

IEEE volunteers can also provide technical assistance where possible during the initial disaster recovery phase.


MOVE is also STEM Education Outreach

When not deployed for disaster relief efforts, the IEEE MOVE vehicle will be taken to schools, events, and other venues to educate the public—showcasing leading technologies and raising awareness about the positive impact these technologies have on society.