Your funds can help save lives, restore livelihoods and bring relief quicker to the millions who get affected every year in India.

Every Rupee you donate will make it easier to provide relief services to areas impacted by a natural disaster. Donating to this cause is not just a noble gesture but also will help you save tax under 80(G). If you would like to contribute to IEEE MOVE Outreach India right away, then click this button and it will take you less than a minute. Both Indian or International Debit and Credit cards can be used.

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You will find no better use for your CSR funds than supporting MOVE India. There are many opportunities and options available for you to support MOVE India. This deck gives an overview.

If you represent an organization in India and would like to support us through your CSR activities, we can provide you all the information you need to comply with your CSR policies. We have made available the most commonly needed information right here. Please do contact us at [email protected] for any more information.

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If you represent an organization outside India and would like to support us, please do contact us to help you with all the information needed for a foreign donation.

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